Parents of Gender Diverse Children was incorporated in early 2016 as a way to give a voice to parents and those parenting trans and gender diverse children. We know that parents who are well supported are better able to support their children, and everyone does better.

We believe that no matter your age, you will always be someone's child.  We do not impose any age restrictions or conditions upon the families that we support.

We provide direct peer support to families – individual contact with all families is a vital part of what we do. Building on that direct peer support we run monthly catchups that are a fun and social way for families to meet and build a support network, in a safe and inclusive environment.

Creating this space for families allows parents, siblings and trans and gender diverse children of any age to build their own peer groups and create strong relationships.

We have been successfully running catchups since 2015 and attendance grows each and every month. We also run online groups that provide safe spaces for parents to seek peer support, chat with other parents and share their experiences.

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