These links, pdf documents and books are provided to help with understanding the importance supporting young trans and gender diverse people.


Twenty 10: Being Trans at school

Sex, Sexual-orientation, Gender identity, Gender expression

The Transgender teen, A handbook to those supporting transgender and non binary teens

What to say...

9 Things People Get Wrong About Being Non-Binary

How to support a transgender child


The Singular They - a guide to its use and why it isn't grammatically incorrect.

Gender neutral pronouns can change a culture.


A Guide to Pronoun use.

5 Non Binary People explain what "non-binary" means to them. (Video)

10 Things not to say to a Trans or gender diverse person. (video)


Policy/Advice on respecting pronouns (Basic) (US University)   (More Detailed) (US University)   (In Depth)(Queer Website)

Policy/Information: James Cook University (JCU) - Planning Your Transition Staff/Student   Supporting Gender Diversity at JCU

NSW Teachers Federation - Supporting People of Diverse Sexuality and Genders in Education.

True (QLD) - Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse Students in Your School Community.

Sample School Policy: Hillbrook College QLD


Whole of School Approaches to Supporting Transgender Students, Staff and Parents. (Research Article)

General Diversity and Inclusion in Schools information with links to various education departments and State and Federal publications.

WA Equal Opportunity Commission: Guidelines for Supporting Sexual and Gender Diversity in Schools


Sporting Policy: Sport Aus Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Proud 2 Play 


ACTF First day teaching resource

First Day - short film about a transgender young person's first day at school.

School Uniforms: What schools can do to promote gender diversity.

Stop using phony science to justify transphobia

Trans Pathways study, Australia 2017

From Blues to Rainbows

School Experiences of Trans and Gender Diverse Young People (Research Paper)

Trans 101

Its time to update "The talk"

Results from the Amsterdam Cohort gender dysphoria study.

I discovered I was intersex when I was 21

US School Policy Examples: GLSEN Model Policy,  American Psychological Society Model Policy,  US Dept of Education 

When it Counts: Talking about transgender identity and gender fluidity in elementary schools.

*Please be aware that examples from the US reflect a culture and society that is very different to ours, and some concepts, language and examples may not be directly applicable in Australia* They are included for reference and as an aid to broader discussion.




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