Helpful Resources for Parents

These links and pdfs and books are provided to help you understand the importance supporting young trans and gender diverse people


A list of 10 Things you should never say to a trans or gender diverse person. (Video)

You Can't Ask That - Trans* People

Things Not To Say to a Non Binary Person

5 Non-Binary People chatting about Non Binary identities. (video)

Coming Out vs Inviting In


Twenty 10: Being Trans at school

Sex, Sexual-orientation, Gender identity, Gender expression

The Transgender teen, A handbook to those supporting transgender and non binary teens

What to say...

9 Things People Get Wrong About Being Non-Binary

How to support a transgender child

The Singular They - a guide to its use and why it isn't grammatically incorrect.

A Guide to Pronoun use.

Sex and Gender: What's the difference?


Having a discussion with others about your trans child.

Talking to Grandparents and other Adult Family Members.

Thoughts from a trans adult : My Parents Still Struggle to Know Me After I Transitioned Late

Some basic info from PFLAG New York - Questions Parents Ask

Helpful books for Parents and Young Adults and Younger Children

Top 20 Books about gender diversity.


First Day - short film about a transgender young person's first day at school.

Its time to update "The talk"

Trans 101 guide

Stop using phony science to justify transphobia

Trans Pathways study, Australia 2017

From Blues to Rainbows

School Experiences of Trans and Gender Diverse Young People (Research Paper)

Trans 101


The myth of testosterone spurts in young boys.

There is a popular idea that pre pubertal boys experience spurts or surges of testosterone at various stages in the early life, pre puberty. This article, by an expert paediatric endocrinologist examines this idea.


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