Parents of young children, adolescents and adult trans and gender diverse children deal with different issues and questions at different times. Supporting your child is the most valuable thing you can do as a parent. Seeking support, advice and information for yourself can give you confidence, increase your understanding and equip you to be a strong ally through this process.

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        The gender creative child: Pathways for nurturing and supporting children who live outside gender boxes.                             
        Ehrensaft, D, 2016, New York, The Experiment.



        Gender born, gender made: Raising healthy gender-nonconforming children.                                                                               
        Ehrensaft, D, 2011, New York, The Experiment.



       The transgender teen: A handbook for parents and professionals supporting transgender and non-binary teens.                                                
       Brill, S., & Pepper, R, 2016, San Francisco, Cleis Press.



       The transgender child: A handbook for families and professionals                                                                                                                           
       Brill, S., & Pepper, R, 2008, San Francisco, Cleis Press. 



       From the dress-up corner to the senior prom: Navigating gender and sexuality diversity in prek-12 schools.                                                    
       Bryan, J, 2012, Maryland, Rowman & Littlefield Education.





       How I met my son: A story of love that transcends gender.                                                                                                                                                                 
       Bogert,Y, 2016, Victoria, Australia, Affirm Press. (Australian author and context)



       Raising my rainbow: Adventures in raising a fabulous, gender creative son.                                                                                                           
       Duron, L, 2013, New York, Broadway Books.



       Becoming Nicole: The transformation of an American family.                                                                                                                                           
       Nutt, A. E, 2015, Penguin.



       Transitions of the heart                
       Pepper, R. (Ed.), 2012, CA, Cleis Press.



       The daughter we didn’t know we had.                                                                                                                                                                                   
       Phillips, M, 2014, Author house.



       Raising Ryland: Our story of parenting a transgender child with no strings attached.                                                                                       
       Whittington, H, 2016, Morrow Paperbacks.
For Young Adults



       Finding Nevo - How I Confused Everyone 
       Nevo Zisin, 2017, Walker Books Australia, (Australian author and context)





       Alison Evans, 2017, Echo Publishing, (Australian author and context)






       The Art of Being Normal
       Lisa Williamson, 2015, David Fickling Books





       For Today I am a Boy
       Kim Fu, 2014, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt




       Kristin Elizabeth Clark, 2013, Farrar, Straus and Giroux





       I am J
       Cris Beam, 2011, Little, Brown and Company





       If I was your girl
       Meredith Russo, 2016, Flatiron Books




       Just girls
       Rachel Gold, 2014, Bella Books




       Love in the time of global warming
       Francesca Lia Block, 2013, Henry Holt and Co





For Children 



    The Gender Fairy  
    Jo Hirst & Libby Wirt, 2015, Oban Road Publishing, (Australian author and context) 




     Introducing Teddy: A story about being yourself 
     Jessica Walton & Dougal MacPherson, 2016, Bloomsbury, (Australian author and context)




     I Am Jazz
     Jessica Herthel, Jazz Jennings & Shelagh McNicholas, 2014, Penguin 



     Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl?
     Sarah Savage & Fox Fisher, 2015, TQUAL Books




    Backwards Day
    S. Bear Bergman & K.D. Diamond, 2012, Flamingo Rampant




    Be Who You Are
    Jennifer Carr & Ben Rumback, 2010, AuthorHouse




    But, I’m Not a Boy!
    Katie Leone & Alison Pfeifer, 2014, CreateSpace




    Jacob's New Dress
    Sarah Hoffman, Ian Hoffman & Chris Case, 2014, Albert Whitman & Company




    Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress
    Christine Baldacchino & Isabelle Malenfant, 2014, Groundwood Books


 who_are_you.jpg     Who Are You - The Kids Guide To Gender Identity
    Brook Pessin-Whedbee, 2016, Jessica Kingsley Publisher


For Young Readers







     Sex is a Funny Word - A Book about Bodies, Feelings and YOU!
     Cory Silverberg, 2015, Triangle Square Press



     Alex Gino, 2015, Scholastic Press UK
A House For Everyone

A House For Everyone    Jo Hirst, Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2018